The prime minister’s REAL roadmap

From Manager, May 13, 2018
Deputy PM Somkid Jatusripitak: After the Buriram’s shaman blows merit to your head, then you visit Pa Noh for making-up. Then, it will be done and you will become the PM for sure.
On a sign close to the hut in the left background: Buriram’s shaman
On the sign on Sanoh’s house: Thienthong’s makeover [meaning something like Thienthong’s beauty parlor]
Chavalit: Oh!!! What’s about my middle chain?
Caption: Tu’s roadmap

[Refers to an attempt of PM Prayuth to ally with several political groups to win the coming election.
Deputy PM Somkid Jatusripitak is known as one of the power brokers, who, along with Deputy PM Prawit, is putting together deals for the junta.
In the cartoon, the Buriram’s shaman is Newin Chidchob. PM Prayuth recently received a very public show of support from Newin’s power base in Buriram.
“Thienthong’s makeover” is supposed to be a beauty parlor run by veteran kingmaker Sanoh Thienthong (also here and here), a respected senior politician allied with many political groupings over the years, recently with the Pheu Thai Party. He is known as a person who controls factions that can bring governments to power and then make them fall if he wishes.
Ex-PM Chavalit has often spoken up for Thaksin in the past, threatening trouble if Thaksin is blocked from power and also trying to give the impression that the military is split with major parts of it opposing junta rule.
Chavalit has also publicly affirmed recently that Thaksin wants to return to the country. This is another clear indication that Thaksin is sending a message that he is completely engaged in the political fight and that a vote for his party is a vote for his return to power.
Presently Chavalit is pushing a political strategy called the “middle chain,” but his association with Thaksin means there is little attention given to his plan. The plan simply calls for quick elections to solve all conflicts.
Since he is close to Thaksin, the cartoonist shows that Chavalit is somewhat ignored in all the political power plays going on at present.]

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