The prime minister wants coal-fired power plants!

From Thairath, February 15, 2017
Title: Decide… for happiness
Paper in PM Prayuth’s hand: A future of coal-fired power plants in the South.
Left, poster held by a man on the top: Want to use the electricity, but don’t want the power plant
Poster held by a man at the bottom left: Against the power plant
Poster held by a man close to PM Prayuth: Don’t want a coal
Mouse: Please help to develop the South
Phi Nooring: Before didn’t have electricity
Right, poster held by the woman: Want the power plant
Sign in from of the power plant: Clean power plant
Posters help by the children: (left) Reduce the risk. Electricity fee is decreased. (right) Strengthen the security of power utilization.
Boy in the boat: Safe

[Refers to the controversial junta plan on to push through the building of coal-fired power plants in Krabi, a southern province heavily reliant on tourism.
This is opposed by many groups including local people, NGOs and other environmental activists.
This cartoon is from a pro-Red Shirt and pro-Thaksin cartoonist. His treatment of the power plant issue, which has ignited protests from areas that generally oppose Thaksin and his political parties, is unusually neutral in tone and even positive towards the junta.
It could be because the government’s push for the power plants threatens to alienate junta supporters in the southern part of the country.]

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