The political juggling tool

From Thairath, Cartoon by Sia, December 2, 2010
The cartoon headline reads: The political juggling tool, unable to catch or chase [Meaning something is slippery and hard to pin down. This refers to the attempt to dissolve the Democrat Party.]
The word on the hooded man's robe reads: Breaking the election bill
The word on the man being held up by a judge: EC [meaning the Election Commission - The giant man represents powerful judges manipulating the case and the Election Commission.]
The words close to cobra reads: Wrongness becomes rightness due to the case is expired [refers to the positive verdict for the Democrats that in part cited that the case filing had expired.]
[On the side of the hooded figure is a check mark with a slash across it to represent the correctness of the case overwritten with a slash mark by the judges, thus throwing out the case.]
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