The picture that appears in every house with love, loyalty from the heart

From Manager, June 10, 2011
The people are singing: …is the picture that appears in every house with love, loyalty from the heart [this is part of a song referring to the peoples’ loyalty to HM The King]
The sign on the front of the house: Red Village

[The cartoon is insinuating that Thaksin’s “Red Villages” are aimed at transferring loyalty from the monarchy to Thaksin. This is also a good example of subject matter that would never have been considered for publication just a few years ago.
Criticism of the “Red Village” concept has been growing in the last week. Even the suspicion that these allegations about the Red Villages are true could trigger an incendiary reaction.
Also: ‘Red shirt villages’ in Isan face crackdown
…Pheu Thai party list candidate and red shirt leader Natthawut Saikua said on Wednesday that the proclamation of red shirt villages in the Northeast was not illegal. He said it was only intended as a symbol to show that people want justice and a single standard for all…]

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