The Ombudsman

From Thairath, July 15, 2013
Title: Indecisive organization
Left: Title of the picture: “Having today is because my brother gave it to me.” [This refers to Metropolitan Police Bureau Chief. Kamronwit Thoopkrachang who openly acknowledged he received his post because be lobbied PM Thaksin Shinawatra. He hung a plaque with this quote on the wall of his office to acknowledge Thaksin’s support.]
Left: The Ombudsman: Damage the Thai police force’s credibility and act against their discipline.
On the edge of the frame is “Idea by: Noy cartoonist” [Thai cartoonists often credit readers who give them ideas for their cartoons.]
Right: The Ombudsman says: Being honorable, those Members of Parliament have strong discipline.
In the frame it shows a number of controversies that occurred in parliament.
A Democrat MP with mobile phone: Watching nude photos
Democrat MP close to the speaker: Throwing document folders
Democrat MP with a chair: Dragging a chair
[both refer to opposition MPs rushing the speaker last year to prevent amnesty bills from being expedited]
Democrat MP fighting choking another man: Taking the pulse.
Phi Nooring: Having today is because of CNS.
A mouse: Those who are honorable for the dictator.
[This refers to the double standards that pro-Thaksin and Red Shirts complain about. The Ombudsman is going after a police officer who openly lobbied Thaksin for his post while ignoring Democrat antics in parliament.]

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