The next battlefield: Rice farmers


From Thairath, November 8, 2016
Title: Who likes drama… and building a good image.
Left side on the sign held by the soldiers: Helping farmers harvesting
On the soldier’s back: Return happiness [the junta’s motto]
On the rice basket: Reduced rice prices
On rice bags: Plant and mill by themselves; Sell, by themselves
Phi Nooring: Buying the rice to help farmers
Mouse: [Yingluck] Sincerely helps the farmers

[The cartoonist contends the army’s efforts to show they are helping rice farmers is merely a PR stunt. It contends that former PM Yingluck sincerely wanted to help rice farmers with her party’s rice pledging scheme.
Others criticize Yinguck’s recent public selling of rice as a photo opportunity to push back against charges and fines against her for the
expensive and ultimately untenable rice pledging scheme of her party.
All of this shows that, despite the public mourning activities for the King, politics is going on as usual with both sides trying to win the hearts of Northeastern farmers who were once the beneficiaries of extreme government largess at the hands of the Pheu Thai Party.]


From Naewna, November 9, 2016
Thaksin’s son Pantongtae: A bitch just went taking a photos at a farm and pretended to sympathize and be sad in order to get support…
On the bag held by Yingluck: Buying rice
Caption: Oh no… damn nephew. Being high as a kite and writing something stupid.

[This cartoon ridicules Pantongtae’s recent post on his Facebook page accusing the junta of pretending to help farmers by sending soldiers to help them harvest. Pantongtae’s Facebook page has come to be known as an official mouthpiece of Thaksin himself and is the main source that confirms or denies political rumors that might involve the Shinawatra family.
Popular rumor has long contended Pantongtae enjoys drugs and perhaps he fostered this from a young age by often wearing dark sunglasses when he is photographed (particularly when he first came to the public eye in the 1990s.)
The cartoonist jokes that Pantongtae is making a Facebook post that really tells the truth about Yingluck’s recent show of sympathy of rice farmers–that it is a publicity stunt only motivated by the fines and charges she is facing for her party’s rice pledging scheme.]

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