The military should reform itself!

From Thairath, July 14, 2017
Title: Big cleaning day
Bottom held by constitution writer Meechai Ruchuphan: Sterilize
On shirt of man in bath: Politician [The other man is the bath is a police officer]
On shirt of man at left: Justice
On the soldier’s shirt: Return happiness [the junta’s motto]
On the bath tub: Reform the police. Reform politics.
Phi Nooring: Don’t forget to wash yourself.
Mouse: Their turn.

[The military junta has established committees to reform many things including the police and politics in general. Doing this is meant to strike at the power bases of deposed PM Thaksin and maintain military oversight (or dominance as their critics would contend) over the country.
The cartoonist contends that the military should next show its sincerely by reforming itself with the same vigor they applied to other groups.]

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