The long road map

From Thairath, February 3, 2017
Title: Road map… as long as you want it
At left, Prayuth is singing a song he wrote: Give us some time. We’ll keep our promises. [meaning the military needs to stay in power to reform the country]
On his shirt: A role model [perhaps harking back to Thailand’s military dictators who modeled themselves as ideal men who were an example to others]
On the soldier’s back at right: “Return the happiness” team [referring to another slogan of the junta]
On the top carpet: Reform-national strategy-power-power-power-power
On the middle carpet: Reconciliation 2560 [2017]
On the bottom carpet: Reconciliation 2552-2557 [2009-2014]
In front of the jail: People who have different opinions
Phi Nooring: Reconciliation as Uncle Tu’s favor [“Uncle Tu” is PM Prayuth]
Paper held by mouse man Phi Nooring: Release Pai [student activist Pai Dao Din who is jailed and charged with lese majeste]
Mouse: Justice must come first.

[This cartoon criticizes the junta’s new reconciliation plan and notes that this is just the latest of a long line of reconciliation plans. It also points out the “big man” dictatorial nature of the PM and how he seems to be following a plan of his own whims.
The cartoon contends that real reconciliation should include (or start with) a reform of the justice system and the release of those accused of lese majeste. It also expresses concern that the junta may use the reconciliation as the tool for prolonging their power and postponing elections.]

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