The little people are corrupt

From Thairath, November 20, 2019
Title: Claim justice first.
Above the cell: Workplace of people in Chaiyaphum Province.
On the cell: The commoners whose land was reclaimed the land by NCPO [the military junta].
At far right, Deputy PM Prawit: Don’t need examination. [This refers to allegations of him having unusual wealth after he was seen wearing expensive watches.]
Man on the left: Did nothing wrong.
Woman who is being carried, government MP Pareena Kraikupt: Trespass on 1,700 fields of government land.
Above man on the left carrying MP Pareena Kraikupt: Workplace of Members of the House of Representative from Ratchaburi Province.
Mouse man: Carry each other.
Mouse: Push away the faults.

[The cartoon is meant to demonstrate the hypocrisy of the military-dominated government that acted aggressively to address longstanding land-encroachment violations by average villagers.
However, it turns out that star government MP Pareena Kraikupt may be involved with businesses that encroach on huge areas of protected land. The cartoonist suggests that corruption allegations for government-connected figures will be quickly dismissed, just like the allegations against Deputy PM Prawit.]

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