The Hand of Uncle Sam

From Naewna, October 20, 2020
Caption: The protest without a leader…?

[Refers to the current student protests calling on PM Prayuth to resign, revise the constitution and reform the monarchy. After police arrested the protest leaders, the protesters claimed that the protest had no leader as everyone can be the leader.

This cartoonist, from a rabidly pro-establishment newspaper, accuses the U.S. of supporting the protests. This theory is mainly based on speculation circulated on social media.

First was that the U.S. embassy met with the student protest leaders.

Second was a rumor that had been circulating since the Future Forward Party was disbanded earlier this year and promised furious protests. This rumor claimed that the protesters in Thailand were going to follow the “Hong Kong model.”

From one perspective, the Hong Kong protests are admirable attempts to stand up to creeping Chinese tyranny. However, for those taking the Chinese claim for the necessity of law and order (like the current Thai military-dominated government which grows closer to China by the day as it is pressured), the student protests in Thailand are seen as an attempt by foreign interests to force political change under the threat of “ruining” Thailand, just as Hong Kong has been ruined as a safe financial harbor in Asia.

(Nikkei Asia has an interesting article on the search for a new Asian finance capital post-Hong Kong.)]

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