The governor’s special room


From Thairath, June 17, 2016
Left: Since the soldiers and police join hands to search for weapons hidden at influential people’s houses, some of them have to throw those weapons away to avoid being caught… [This refers to military pressure that forced the police to raid the homes and businesses of Pheu Thai and Red Shirt politicians who had been stockpiling weapons. In some cases weapons have been found dumped in wooded areas–presumably by those who did not want the stockpiles found in their homes.]
Middle: A man on the left: Same with the Bangkok executive [the Bangkok Governor]. He has to quickly spend 16 million baht to build a special room!
A man on the right: For what?
Right: For giving a final bow.

[This refers to Bangkok governor M.R. Sukhumbhand Boripat who facing criticism for lavish spending as well as corruption. The incident referred to here is for 16.5 million baht used to renovate his office including luxury furniture.
Later the governor’s advisor said that the budget was justified as the money was used for renovating many rooms–not only the governor’s room.
The Democrat Party has pressured Sukhumbhand to resign due to his disappointing performance and corruption scandals.]

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