The government goes after celebs

From Thairath, July 24, 2021
Title: Who is the source of fake news?
Lady (teenager rapper named Milli): Call out. Criticize the government.
Saying on the right: With your tail up… Keep telling a lie everyday. Charge people who speaks the truth… naja.
On his arm: Brainless; no ability
Man with no brain: Slave of dictator
On paper: Sue people. Sue celebrity.
On the dead people: Economic crisis; Die at home; Vaccine crisis; Die on the road; Government’s failure; Covid crisis
Phi Nooring: Speak for most of Thai people.
Mouse: Prayut get out.

[Refers to teenager rapper and singer Milli who recently was charged because she criticized the government via her social media on the government’s failure on handling the covid-19 situation and calling on PM Prayuth to resign. The sight of this young woman being dragged into a police station for a tweet and having to humbly apologize caused widespread criticism.
The government quickly backed away from these high profile prosecutions of celebrities for merely criticizing the government and calling on the PM to step down. It almost seems as if the government has been testing out the limits of their power to stifle dissent online.]

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