The Economist: “Ceaseless plotting on Mr Thaksin’s behalf” behind continual Thai political turmoil

Whatever happened to Thaksin? – A former prime minister’s allies concede that there is no easy way to get him home – The Economist, December 8, 2012
…People in this camp argue that Mr Thaksin, surrounded by yes-men, is poorly advised. He remains a highly divisive figure, and his people were too optimistic about his level of support in the country. Particularly ill-judged was the attempt in May to pass a reconciliation bill that would have given Mr Thaksin and others an amnesty at the same time as trying to pass constitutional amendments. It aroused enormous hostility in parliament, even among some Pheu Thai MPs. So great was the furore that at one point the army had publicly to deny that it was thinking of reverting to the bad old days and plotting a coup.
Eventually Ms Yingluck backed off, worried about the stability of her government. Some argue that this was the moment when she at last exerted herself against her brother. Since then she has certainly developed more self-confidence as a leader in her own right, and she probably will not be rushed into hasty legislative gambles again…

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