The Eastern Tiger wants all power

From Thairath, May 23, 2018
Title: Totally occupy under four legs
On the chairs (front legs from left to right): Govern state enterprises, the junta governs the country (back row, left to right) Parliament, independent agencies
Words close to the tail: Tasks under their responsibility
On tiger: NCPO [the ruling junta]
On the tiger’s hat: Equivalent of director-general
Phi Nooring: Good at controlling all powers
Mouse: Wants to have power

[Refers to the junta led by the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO). This cartoon illustrates that the junta now absolutely occupies all the powers governing the country, even independent agencies to check the use of government power.
The tiger represents the Eastern Tigers, an anti-Thaksin military grouping that conducted the last coup and now holds a near monopoly on power.]

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