The Difference Between the DSI Chief and a Prostitute

From Manager, December 12, 2012
Caption: The similarity and difference between two careers
Tharit Pengdit: I’m a civil servant… I have to act according to my commander’s demands… no matter what they are. [Tharit Pengdit is Director General of the Department of Special Investigation.]
Woman: I’m a prostitute… I’ve to do what clients wants… but if a demand is too perverse… then I won’t do it.

[This refers to the the way Tharit acted on behalf on the previous Democrat-led government to prosecute the Red Shirts and ignored any government culpability in protest violence.
After the Pheu Thai took over, he completely switched sides by laying very specific charges against Democrat leader Abhisit that appear to be designed to put pressure on the opposition leadership.
The joke is that the DSI chief does anything that he is ordered to do, but that there are some things that even a prostitute will not do.]

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