The desire for Article 44

From Thairath, June 21, 2018
Left top: Liar
People: The junta must stop using Article 44 because it is a dictatorship’s power!
Caption: Those days they said like this…
Right: Please tell the junta to use Article 44 to end the primary vote for this coming election.
Caption: …today they say different.

[Refers to opposition politicians who used to be against Article 44 as it gives absolute power to the PM. Recently opposition politicians called on the junta to use Article 44 to change the primary voting system as they fear they might not be able to get organized in time to compete properly in the coming election.]

Absolute power is a seductive thing. Most everyone opposes it except for issues they desire quick action on. Below are some past cartoons referencing the desire for absolute power and Article 44:

2017: Everyone wants to use Article 44!
2015: Everyone loves Article 44
2015: Who is bothered by Article 44?
2015: Prayuth: “I cannot use Article 44 to solve every problem” after pressed to solve EU concerns on fishing
2015: We need help from Article 44!
2015: The Withering of Article 44

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