“The Democrat Tree” just bore its first fruit in 37 years

From Arun, June, 2013
Cartoon title: The story of “Ee”
Top right: Thaenkhun Jitissara, BKK MP for the constituency 12 Don Muang, the Democrat party
[Human head fruit is Thaenkhun Jitissara, whose nickname is “Ee”, the newly elected MP from the Democrat Party, representing the constituency 12, Don Muang, Bangkok.]
Beside the human head fruit: “The Democrat Tree” just bore its first fruit in 37 years.
At bottom: Don Muang

[Reference is to the Bangkok’s by-election for the constituency 12, Don Muang District on June 16, 2013. Even though the constituency has been known for being dominated by the Pheu Thai Party, Thaenkhun Jitissara from the Democrat Party somehow defeated the Pheu Thai’s candidate, Yuranat Phamornmontri by about 2,000 votes, and therefore becomes MP representing the constituency. This is deemed an phenomenal victory for the Democrat Party which has rarely succeeded against parties controlled by Thaksin.]

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