The Democrat Party is Full of Sadists

From Thairath, January 4, 2012
The cartoon caption reads: The country is in crisis, the party [the Democrat Party] is full of sadists.
Text related to skulls: Requesting that parliament be dissolved – April-May 2010 – Victims of power madness. [referring to those who died during the Red Shirt protests of 2010]
Sign above the dead body: Clean toilets – Gas station in Samut Sakhon.
Near the body: President of [Samut Sakhon] Provincial Administration Organization. Victim of emotion. [referring to the politician who was allegedly killed by a Democrat MP]
Sign held by the protester: Amending the constitution of the coup.
On the bowl: The 2007 constitution.
On the missile: Anti-constitutional amendment. Victim of dictatorship.

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