The chicken farmer and the monkey

From Thairath, November 27, 2019
Title: The proverb may be changed.
Chicken: Slice the owner of chicken farm, let the monkey see!
Papers held by MP Pareena Kraikupt: MOU with reporter; Trespass government land of 1,700 rai
On the knife: Law
Mouse man: The law is not yours.
Mouse: Trying to act innocent.

[This comes from the Thai proverb, “slice/cut the chicken and let the monkey see” meaning to punish someone as an example to another.
The cartoonist changed word “chicken” to “owner of chicken farm” to mean government MP Pareena Kraikupt who was accused of having a farm that encroached on government land.
The “MOU with reporter” refers to Pareena’s bizarre claim that she could not answer media questions because she had an MOU with a reporter to only talk with them.
Underlying this scandal is the belief that no real harm can come to Pareena over this issue as pro-government figures seem relatively immune from consequences. Only opposition figures seem to come under real legal jeopardy.]

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