The broken-down toilet organization

From Thairath, October 9, 2013
Cartoon title: Shoooot it far away [meaning something like “kick her a good distance”]
Banner on head of man kicking: UDD [United Front of Democracy Against Dictatorship, aka the Red Shirts]
On shirt of woman kicking: Relatives of the Red Shirt heroes
On necktie of man kicking: Senators
On skirt of woman being hit into the toilet: NHRC [National Human Right Commission of Thailand. The woman is Amara Pongsapich, Chairperson of the NHRC.]
On papers in front of Ms. Amara: Report on the dispersal of the UDD during the April-May 2010 protest [referring to the Red Shirt protest in 2010]
On the toilet: National Privileged People Commission
Phi Nooring: The broken-down toilet organization
Mouse: Dictator-hearted people

[This shows the Red Shirt rejection of reports from the Human Rights Commission that spreads the blame for deaths during the 2010 protests between the army and the Red Shirts. The Red Shirts now claim their protest was a completely peaceful call for democracy and those who died were heros.]

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