The boiling drug can cure everything in the universe


From Thairath, January 9, 2016
Title: The boiling drug can cure everything in the universe
PM Prayuth: Headache, having a flu, can’t poo or pee, to solve corruption, reconciliation and failure of government.
On the sign above the door: Dispensary
On the bag: Article 44
On the pot: Return happiness [the junta’s slogan]
Mouse man Phi Nooring: Either relieve or die
A mouse: The most dangerous poison

[This ridicules the use of Article 44 which gives absolute power to the PM to solve problems–particularly those related to national security. Since the junta has used this article to deal with a variety of issues, the sacredness of Article 44 has declined in some people’s eyes.
No matter how simple the problem is, people will call on the junta to use Article 44 to solve the problem.
The cartoon shows the old folk practices of creating a drug from a boiling potion that was said to cure nearly any malady.]

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