The big loan and the little loan

From Post Today, March 21, 2013
Left, above the bag: Borrowing 2.2 trillion baht
Crab: We’ll pay off in 50 years.
[Reference is to the government’s plan to borrow Baht 2.2 trillion to invest in mega-infrastructure projects. The debt is to be paid off in 50 years.]
Right, beside the bag: Lending 30 million baht [According to reports Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra extended a 30 million baht loan to Ad Index Co., Ltd. where her husband, Anusorn Amorchat is an authorized board member. The case is under investigation of the National Anti-corruption Commission as a transaction not properly declared which could lead to Yingluck being disqualified from the premiership.]
Crab [Yingluck’s nickname]: I want to stay for four years. [referring to Yingluck’s recent comment that she wishes to complete her term as PM]

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