The bad figures must be cut off


From Thairath, October 29, 2014
Title: My organization… no one can intervene.
Left to right: 1st man, on his suit: EC [Election Commission]
Sign held by him: Imbalanced
2nd man, on his suit: NACC [National Anti-Corruption Commission of Thailand]
On the sword: Destroy Yingluck
On the jar: Pending Abhisit and Democrat party’s cases
On the gavel: A quick and careless consideration
On the paper held by the 4th man: Double standards
On the box covering the woman’s head: NHRC [National Human Rights Commission of Thailand, covering one’s head with a box is a Thai idiom meaning one is ashamed of someone’s actions]
On the hand: (Un)independent regulatory agencies
Phi Nooring: The bad fingers do not need to be reformed anymore. They have to be cut off.
A mouse: Try to be independent.

[Refers to Thai idiom, “a bad finger needs to be cut off” meaning “a bad part of something needs to eliminated so it will not cause trouble.” The cartoon suggests the independent regulatory agencies, such as the Election Commission (EC), the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC), the courts, and the National Human Right Commission (NHRC) should be closed because those groups have taken action against elected governments over the years and that they display double standards by supporting the junta government.
This is classic Thaksin ideology that began when the Thai Rak Thai came to power and the then-government attempted to co-opt or weaken the independent agencies created by the 1997 constitution. These organizations were created to check the power of a sitting government (and limit the necessity or tendency of the military or the monarchy to intervene as occurred in the early 1990s).
Later when these embattled organizations began to rule against the Thai Rak Thai and then subsequent puppet governments of Thaksin, the idea that these organizations were not independent, but were biased against Thaksin and his popularity, became a key plank of the Red Shirt movement.
The charges of bias are certainly not without merit as these bodies have worked ceaselessly to maintain the status quo of the Thai political world against the rising tide of Thaksin’s popularity.]

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