The Army is Watching

Army stops land reform protest march – The Nation, November 10, 2014
…The planned march was in response to the Prayut government’s crackdown on forest encroachment by investors, influential figures and illegal loggers.
Under the crackdown, emphasis was supposed to be placed on there being minimal impact on the underprivileged living on the land, an informed source said.
However, the source said officers reportedly operated the crackdown without discrimination and allegedly threatened villagers, leaving them concerned about their ability to lead a normal life…

Academics Suggest Reviving Absolute Monarchy’s Supreme Council – Khaosod, November 10, 2014
Several prominent academics have proposed reviving the Supreme Council of the State, a decision-making body that superseded all three branches of government during Thailand’s last days as an absolute monarchy.
Chulalongkorn University political scientist Panitan Wattanayagorn suggested at a panel discussion on Saturday that including a Supreme Council in the new Constitution could help secure a “balance of power” between different branches of government…

Junta ‘Will Not Tolerate’ Impeachment Protests – Khaosod, November 8, 2014
…Thaworn Senniam, a leader of the Yellowshirt movement that staged street protests against the previous government, previously hinted of organising new round of protests if the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) fails to impeach Somsak Kiatsuranond and Nikom Waiyaratchapanich, who served Parliament and Senate Speakers in 2013, respectively.
Responding to Thaworn’s threat, former Pheu Thai MP Worachai Hema also vowed to mobilise supporters of his party, known as the Redshirts, if the NLA does impeach Somsak and Nikom for their effort last year to amend the 2007 constitution to make it more democratic…

Redshirt Leader Decries Military ‘Surveillance’ – Khaosod, November 8, 2014
…Siriwat Chupamadtha, a coordinator of the Redshirts’ United Front of Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD), said three plain-clothed military officers are regularly stationed at his home, workplace, and the radio station he regularly speaks.
“They kept telling me that they merely want to ask about how I spend my time in daily life, and how I am involved in political works,” Siriwat told Matichon. “They said that I can report to them via LINE messenger on the days that they can’t show up, so they would know where I am…”

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