The answer is easy! Release people in jails and let Thaksin come home!

From Thairath, October 22, 2013
Cartoon title: Difficult problem… easy answer!
Top left: …Release friends from jails…
Top middle: …Come back home smartly… [in the bubble is Thaksin Shinawatra.]
Top right: …The persons who ordered to kill must be punished… [in the bubble is former deputy premier Suthep Thuagsuban blowing a whistle on the left, and a hooded figure of death on the right.]
Above Suthep: tweet
Under Death’s arm: 100 dead bodies
In hands of man in the front: Amnesty Bill, the till the end of the soi version. [Chalerm Yubamrung coined this phrase to describe his blanket amnesty bill specifically designed to help Thaksin “go all the way to the end to the end of the soi” meaning to accomplish the ultimate goal of bringing Thaksin back to Thailand and politics. Subsequent bills like Prayuth were also labeled as “end of the soi” versions since they enable Thaksin to accomplish his ultimate goal of return to Thailand.]
Phi Nooring: Move forward to find justice
Mouse: Help each other to get out of the crisis

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