The academic who is not neutral


From Manager, July 6, 2016
On the people’s shirts from left to right: Teacher A, Teacher B, Teacher C, and Teacher T
Caption on the left: 3 teachers we believe are neutral.
At left is Assistant Prof. Dr. Prinya Thaewanarumitkul, from Thammasart University [Who are the other two?] At far right is anti-Yingluck protest leader Suthep. The “T” on Suthep’s shirt comes from his name Su-Thep
Caption on the right: But this teacher… is not neutral for sure.

[Many academic groups have criticized the draft constitution for not being democratic. The Thai public places great store on the viewpoint of the supposedly neutral academic. This is thought to be a learned person who speaks not for their own motives or those of third parties.
Deeply partisan, formerly Democrat Party leader Suthep recently called on people to accept the draft contending it was suitable for the country’s situation.
The Manager Group and its editorial section (that produces this cartoon), is not only rabidly anti-Thaksin, but often rabidly anti-Democrat Party as well. This hatred comes from the view that the Democrat Party purports to be Thailand professional democratic solution, but in reality seeks to benefit politically from every anti-democratic incident. In this case it is the military’s constitution which would likely leads to a minority party like the Democrats being a leading voice in the next government due to military support and their anti-Thaksin stance.
Another complaint about the Democrats is that they have repeatedly benefited politically from the political activities of others–such as the anti-Thaksin Yellow Shirts. However, this complaint is somewhat muted by Suthep leading the anti-Yingluck protests (although he supposedly resigned from the Democrat Party before doing so).]

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