Thank you, three times


From Naewna, November 25, 2015
Caption: Thank you, three times kha….aaa
On the paper plane: Fake book. European parliament claiming. Invite Poo [Yingluck] to talk show…

[“Invitation from Europe” refers to the invitation from the European parliament for Yingluck to give a speech to them.
“Fake book” refers to Yingluck’s book that was allegedly written by a ghostwriter to give her the aura of a seasoned political leader.
“Thank you, three times” refers to a famous gaffe from one of Yingluck’s speeches when the speechwriter intended Yingluck to say “Thank you” to the audience three times. However, Yingluck read the complete stage instructions, saying “Thank you three times” instead.
“Aaa” is from “kha (ka),” the polite ending in the Thai language for women to use. It is used here to express the irony and affection of Yingluck in thanking foreign powers for a pretext to allow here to flee the country.]

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