Thaksin’s new political party

From Naewna, November 10, 2018
Bold words: Prison man
Caption: By only seeing the name of the party, we can tell who is the owner of the party.

[Refers to the new Thai Raksa Chart party. Officially, the Thai Raksa Chart says it has no connection to the Pheu Thai Party or Thaksin.
However, the party’s acronym pronounced phonetically reads “Thaksin Shinawatra.” The party logo, like the logo of all parties Thaksin has controlled, is similar to The Pheu Thai/Thai Rak Thai logos. Thus, the party clearly wants to send the message that it is Thaksin’s party despite what it says publicly.
The cartoonist alters the name of the party, keeping the abbreviation of the party in Thai (ทษช) and then using the word ‘นักโทษชาย’ meaning the “prison man” or “convict” which refers to Thaksin who now is exiled in UK to avoid corruption charge. Thus, the name of the party is something like “party of the convict.”]

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