Thaksin Convicted Because He Refused to Give a Bribe?

From Thairath, May 20, 2013
Cartoon title: Expose the good man
Above Thaksin Shinawatra’s left arm: Demanded for Baht 600 million in exchange for blowing off the case on concealed shares
On arm of man on the left: NCC [NCC stands for the National Anti-corruption Commission.]
On sword’s blade: Getting rid of Thaksin
On money bag: Prize money for informant on the Central World arson case
Phi Nooring: The truth that was concealed
Man mouse: Brain matters more than money.

[Reference is to Thaksin Shinawatra’s speech given via the Skype to the Red Shirt gathering in memory of the 3rd anniversary of their main protest in 2010. He claimed that in 1999, the time when his Thai Rak Thai Party was in prosperity, a person from the NCC went to see him while he was in Chiang Rai making an offer on the concealed stock case. Later on, they met again in Bangkok. The same person asked for 600 million baht in exchange for dismissing the case. Thaksin told his supporters that he refused, and that’s why he was unfairly convicted.]

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