Thaksin is the political victim

From Thairath, July 20, 2017
Title: Across the world law
On flag held by Thaksin: Political victim
On arrow at left: Politicians who are exiled because of the charge
On arrow at right: Politicians who aren’t exiled because of the charge
A judge is holding Suthep and a robed figure representing the Democrat Party. Suthep was leader of the anti-Yingluck protest groups who used whistles as a symbol. The Democrat Party led by Abhisit Vejjajiva was criticized for allowing to use of violence to crack down on the Red Shirt protest in 2010.
On the gun: The charge has not expired. [meaning the law has been changed so fugitives cannot wait out the statue of limitations]
On judge’s robe: Law on considering the charge behind the defendant
On the skulls from left to right: Do nothing wrong. Have power. Dismiss the charges. [refers to the past political battles in Bangkok where protesters died, but no one was brought to account]
Phi Nooring: Escape from the injustice
Mouse: Don’t wrap up the lesson learned

[This cartoon criticizes the alleged injustice in Thailand’s judicial system. It shows that while the justice system is trying to attack Thaksin and his supporters overseas, those who support the junta, such as Suthep Thaugsuban and the Democrat Party, have faced preferential treatment.]

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