Thaksin is the People’s Choice


From Thairath, August 31, 2016
Title: Charming PM in the democratic way [this shows how charming and respectful at PM is who comes from elections as compared to one with military backing]
Left: People elect
This shows former PM Thaksin being put in the prime minister’s chair
Signs held by people from left to right: He’s the people’s choice. It [the Prime Minister] must come from parliament members.
On the backs of the men: People
Phi Nooring: This is what we want.
Mouse: The real democracy
Right: Followers elect
On the back of the soldiers: Return happiness [this is the junta’s motto]
On the paper: Write their own rules, approve it by themselves for their own benefit
On men’s back from left to right: NRSA [National Reform Steering Assembly], appointed senators, NLA [National Legislative Assembly]

[The cartoon contrasts the prime minister coming from elected MPs as opposed the the current junta method who stage managed a new charter to thwart the people from electing Thaksin (or Thaksin’s proxy) once again.]

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