The Cloning of Yingluck

From Manager, June 4, 2011
The Einstein character says: The good part is the clone of you will have whatever you have–character, personality. The bad part is it will include the desperate sickness that the society is disgusted with you.
On Thaksin’s body: Tax avoidance of shareholding
On Yingluck’s body: Tax avoidance of shareholding
Yingluck is thinking: Including prostrate cancer? [referring to the rumors that Thaksin is ill]
On caption reads: The cloning problem that the lecturer is still not able to solve

[This refers first to Thaksin’s “clone” remark. This was a gaffe in response to questions from the international press about whether Yingluck was a “puppet.” Thaksin’s reply that she was a “clone” instead has been subsequently quoted in nearly every article about the elections.
The cartoon speculates that “clone” Yingluck will be vulnerable as being a Shinawatra family member who held part of Thaksin’s wealth to avoid taxes allegedly lied to investigators about the actual status of the wealth.]

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