Thailand’s Mr. Condom revolutionizes education in one of poorest provinces

Thailand’s Mr. Condom revolutionizes education in one of poorest provinces –, September 27, 2012
…He established the Mechai Pattana Bamboo School in 2009 in Buriram, one of Thailand’s provinces whose residents have the lowest educational attainment.
…The school has opted to do away with the rote method of learning where students only repeat what they have learned without fully understanding them. Instead, they have adopted the learning method that uses critical thinking, creativity and group work.
The students have a voice in selecting their teachers and the incoming Grade 7 students. They are also part of the purchasing committee to teach them about budgeting, planning, transparency and negotiation skills.
The students and their families also learn practical agriculture-based courses including animal-raising (pigs, chicken, ducks, frogs, fish and even crickets). They also plant fruits and vegetables, often in an unconventional manner. Vegetables are grown in sandbags to save space. The sandbags are placed under lemon trees to save water consumption while cantaloupe is grown and fed using leftover intravenous catheters (IV lines). The IV tubes and plastic lines are used for storing water and drip irrigation. In a two-meter-wide, plastic-covered shelters, mushrooms are grown. Scientific knowledge is applied to ensure that fruits grow off season to fetch high prices…

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