Thailand, land of coconut shell

From Thairath, November 15, 2017
Left: Help me… Someone please tell me, where is this?
Middle: Man: Thailand.
Offscreen: Oh…
Left: Thailand, land of coconut shell.

[Refers to the political banner shown during the parade at the traditional football match of four prestigious all-boy schools in Thailand. The message called Thailand the land of the coconut shell.
This refers to the Thai proverb kob nai kala which tells of an ignorant frog under a coconut shell. Since he mistakes the shell for the world, he wrongly thinks he knows everything.
Anti-junta, pro-Thaksin voices have used this reference to attack supporters of military rule.
While this anti-junta aspect was reported in the Thai-language media, it was oddly omitted in the English-language press (Student’s ‘Ignorant Thailand’ Banner Impresses, Outrages) or not reported at all.
The banner was a rare public protest against continuing junta rule.]

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