Thailand is a useful case study for Southeast Asia, as it suffers from the same malaise that has hit its neighbors

Reversal of Fortune for Bangkok – WSJ, August 20, 2013
…Rumors of a coup flew in Bangkok a few weeks ago, leading the police to detain several people for their Facebook posts. Prime Minister Yingluck’s party tabled a bill to amnesty those who committed crimes during the civil strife since 2006, and that has royalists on alert to stop her brother, former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, from returning from exile. Some investment is on hold, waiting to see how this plays out.
The lesson for Thailand and its neighbors is the familiar one that they need to tread a careful path among the great powers. Since they can’t avoid being whipsawed by U.S. and Chinese policies, the best recourse is to put their own houses in order so investors won’t panic when the money flows reverse direction.

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