Detention Site Green: Thailand and the CIA’s secret prisons


The long-awaited report on CIA torture has been released (here and here). This is not a full report, but a highly redacted executive summary. Mentions directly involving Thailand relate to the well-documented captures of Hambali and Zubair in the country.

Secret detention sites are designated by color, such as Cobalt, Green, Blue, Black, and Violet with the harshest treatment seeming to occur at Cobalt. Cobalt is widely believed to be a site in Afghanistan known as the Salt Pit.

Green is thought to be the Thai prison. Events occurring in Green in the report match previous media reports such as when Abu Zubaydah lost his left eye.

Speculation about the activities that occurred in the Thai secret prison have often popped up in the press. Here are previous mentions of Thailand and the U.S. secret prison:

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2005: The accusation about a secret prison and criticism of Matichon
2004: Washington Post: Thaksin is an undemocratic leader tolerated only because he follows U.S. orders
2003: CIA, Thai agencies unite against terrorism
2003: Cat’s Eye: News on the Secret Thai Prison (dozens of articles from 2003-2010)
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