Thai Weekly News Magazines, May 16-22, 2015


From Manager Weekly 16-22 May 2015
Main cover reads: We will keep our promise. Give us 2 years.
[Refers to latest news concerning one of the National Reform Committee’s members proposed his idea on supporting PM Prayuth to maintaining power for two more years.]


From Matichon Weekly, 15-21 May 2015
Main cover reads:  [Red letters] Sharing the merits to you. Please take a rest.
[Yellow letters] ‘Reform’ as ‘flowing waters.’ Paphakaro ‘referendum for what’
[After the overthrow of the Pheu Thai-led government, PM Yingluck enjoys going to temples to make merit. Anti-Yingluck leader Suthep has become a monk under the monk’s name–Paphakaro, but is still involved with politics and has commented on political issues.]


From Nation Weekend, 15 May 2015
Main cover reads:  One year of cruelty
Red letters (another story inside the magazine): Explore the Andaman sea. Investigate the Rohingya trafficking.  Politicians and the government officers involved.
[The main headline refers to the one year anniversary of the coup d’etat on 22 May. After overthrowing the Pheu Thai-led government, Gen. Prayuth, the leader of the National Council for Peace and Order, has become PM. PM Prayuth, who seems very aggressive, has attempted to reform the country amid the calls from anti-military groups and Western countries to immediately conduct elections.]

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