Thai police concede meekly to alpha army

Police concede meekly to alpha army – Bangkok Post, May 11, 2015
…And in now typical trademark fashion when dealing with the press, the premier said they should stop right there instead of trying to dig up more dirt on this episode because it will cause a rift between the army and the police. “It’s not about mistrust,” Gen Prayut said on Friday. “They talked this thing over and have reached an understanding. Next time they [senior police and army top brass] should communicate better.” Amid all the denials from the prime minister and police commander of conflicts between the army and police, there is only one theory left: that is a report, quoting no sources, in Thai Post newspaper that the army is suspicious that the Special Branch – the police agency with “Excellence in Intelligence” as one of its mottoes – is trying to buy new devices to shadow soldiers…

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