Thai police compensated for committing murder in the government’s war on drugs in 2004

Police draw criticism for paying killers – Bangkok Post, October 24, 2012
A senior police officer’s decision to provide financial assistance to five policemen found guilty of murder during the government’s war on drugs in 2004 has drawn flak from relatives of the victim and a regional human rights group…
The money, according to the Region 4 Police website, was intended as welfare support to the five police officers convicted of murder while perfoming their duty at Kalasin police station.
The Criminal Court ruled on July 30 this year that Pol Lt Col Sumitr and the other officers murdered Kiettisak, 17, during the height of the government’s war on drugs campaign in 2004…

Police compensated for committing murder in the line of “duty” –, October 19, 2012
…The action by Pol. Lt. Gen. Sompong Khongpetchsak is an attempt to undo the courageous stand taken by the Criminal Court and thereby restore the “normal” order of things, in which police enjoy impunity for torture, killing, enforced disappearance and other gross abuses of human rights…

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