Thai PM Prayuth says ‘no harm’ listening to fortune-tellers

Thai PM Prayuth says ‘no harm’ listening to fortune-tellers – AFP, September 23, 2014
…”There’s no harm in listening to fortune-tellers. Fortune- telling is an art. But if a fortune-teller tells a person that they will be rich and then they stay in bed all day, then what is the use?” Prayuth told reporters on Tuesday.
“I listen to their words. They warn me that I might clash with the media,” he quipped.
Prayuth told an audience earlier this month he had doused himself from head to toe in holy water to ward off curses his enemies had put on him.
Bangkok’s skyline is that of a country hurtling towards modernity, but pre-Buddhist animist beliefs continue to exert strong influence on Thai culture. Many of the country’s top politicians have consulted fortune-tellers over policy changes…

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