Thai Contrasts


[These are from a popular Facebook account that highlights ironic or hypocritical situations in Thai society.]

Left, man: You’re being unfaithful to me.
Comments below: You bastard, why slap her?; Even if she is wrong, you have no right to hurt her; Pantywaist man
Right, woman: You’re a bad man, being unfaithful to me.
Comments below: good, bad man deserve it. center: if it were me, I will make it more harder. right: we should cut their penis.


Top left: Man: I’d like to ask you to marry Nong Bo. [“Nong” means “younger sister,” Bo is the girl’s name)
Father: No, I will never give my daughter to marry some one like you.
Top right: Man: But I love Nong Bo.
Father: You don’t even have a bride-price [a male dowry, common in Thailand]. How can you take care of my daughter?
Below left: Nong bo: I’m pregnant Dad.
Below right, at a wedding ceremony: Father: Chai yo… Chai yo. [a word like “hooray”]

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