Thai-language Newspaper Headlines on the Military Prime Minister

From ASTVManager, August 22, 2014
Top right: NLA [National Legislative Assembly] gave landslide votes to support Prayuth, immediately submit name of the premier to the King; Speedily form new cabinet in line with road map
Middle left: Another death! Japanese student, victim of a drunken Thai driver; FM [Foreign Minsiter] monitors the case closely
Middle right: Finance-Energy take the ball, performing alchemy, to run PTT’s pipeline separately; demands for release of energy reform’s leaders [This means that the Finance and Energy Ministries, in response to the junta’s policy, ordered PTT to establish a new company to run the gas pipeline business which is considered a national asset and not part of PTT’s value for its upcoming listing on the stock exchange. PTT has been allegedly dragging its feet and responded by filing a lawsuit against people protesting against it. More here: Prayuth seeks quick end to PTT dispute.]
Bottom: Scandalous! Thai women infected with Ebola, PH instantly denied claiming an investigation is needed

From Komchadluek, August 22, 2014
Main headline: NLA 191 landslide votes: Prime Minister named Too [nickname of Prayuth]
Bottom left: Pornpet submits the name to the King, the man [Pryauth] said no worry about his new duties
Bottom right: Private sector supports Prayuth, continuously unlocking economy, await new cabinet
In blue frame: Young Prayuth Noh. Doh. 8969, the Nual Noradis Temple [school] [profile of the new PM’s past]

From Krungthep Turakit, August 22, 2014
Main headline: Business confident [that Pryauth is] taking the country out of crisis; NLA’s unanimous vote of 191, submitting Prayuth’s name to the King
Bottom: Boonyasit worried 2nd-half [of the year’s] purchasing power hard to revive

From Matichon, August 22, 2014
Top, in red: Southern rubber planters threaten big mob–7 day deadline [rubber planters in the south are demanding the government urgently tackle falling rubber prices]
In frame on the left: Barging Petchaboon, ‘surrogate’ mother fled; Dr. ‘Pisit’ contacted to see police on Sept. 6
Main headline: NLA’s unanimous, 191 votes; Big Too ready, not worried about taking the premier’s office; Pornpet submits [Pryauth as PM] to the King; Finance’s permanent-secretary’s fingers crossed, await economic team expecting to recover confidence; 3 candidates for Labor, ‘Big Chat’s mentor’ outstanding [We are not sure who Big Chat is.]
At bottom: Arrested, seized assets of ‘Sua Roj’ drug gang

From Thaipost, August 22, 2014
Top: Panic! Ebola infected, ‘PH’ denies [it is ebola], saying it is only hives [PH is the Public Health Ministry]
Top left: Abhisit afraid of missing the trend, accepts the ice-bucket challenge
Main headline: Provoking anti-Prayuth [sentiment], ‘unlawful freedom’, some opposed to his premiership, Pornpet already submitted [Prayuth’s name] to the King
Right: EC [Election Commission] emphasizes no specification for NRA selection [refers to the selection of member of the constitution-drafting body]

From Thairath, August 22, 2014
Main headline: Landslide votes for ‘Big Too’, the 29th Prime Minister, name was submitted [to the King], holding another seat in Defense [meaning Pryauth will likely act as Defense Minister as well]
From top: Investigating teacher doing students’ homework for pay; Education jumps [takes action quickly], orders disciplinary punishment indicating [the teacher was] copying the actions of a senior [Meaning the offending teacher is copying the actions of those higher up at the school. This indicates such corruption is widespread and institutionalized at the school.]
Arrested more bank robbers claiming have to do it for out of jobs
Ungrateful grandchild, killed grandparents in bed, bought a gun and shot one by one, revenge for being scolded for being useless
PH monitors Thai women return from Liberia [PH is the Public Health Ministry.]

From Daily News, August 23, 2014
Main headline: Empower fortune to welcome Premier Prayuth, planting yellow Ixora [a type of flower] at Government House, announced to move the country forward [it has become a tradition for each new administration to improve the Government House’s Feng Sui ordering new plantings around the building, this “empowers fortune” to favor the new government]
Middle left: Sent to quarantine room, Thai woman suspected of being infected with Ebola, PH announced no disease, ordered to take care of relatives and close contacts [PH is the Public Health Ministry.]
Bottom left: Snatched and ran, ‘karma’ on a rocket, the thief rode into a pole and died [meaning a thief snatched a purse and rode off quickly on a motorcycle, but ran into a cement pole]
Bottom right: Collided, 4 deaths, 7 injured; Grape-loaded truck collided with public coach, tragically young construction contractor had no chance to see his new-born baby
At bottom: Barged into 4 villages for surrogacy [meaning the investigation of the surrogacy scandal has moved to several villages where women were carrying babies for hire]

From Khaosod, August 23, 2014
Top: PH quarantined Thai woman-suspected of Ebola [PH is the Public Health Ministry.]
Main headline: Big Too announced not to worry about him being PM, waiting for the royal appointment; NLA unanimous, 191 votes, ordered to improve Government House’s Feng Sui by planting colorful Gardenia–yellow Ixora, Surat rubber planters threaten–demand [government] to solve the plummeting prices
Bottom right: Saudi envoy left without schedule to return

From Matichon, August 23, 2014
Top right: Foreign Ministry insisted Saudi did not downgrade diplomatic relations, [diplomat] just returns to his country
In frame above main headline: Southern rubber planters give NCPO a deadline in 7 days to solve the plummeting prices–threatening that they will hold a big mob [protest]
Main headline: ‘Big Too’ ready for the Premiership, no worry; NAL voted 191; Pornpet submitted the name to the King; Renovating Government House; Finance’s permanent-secretary await the economic team expecting to build confidence; Army’s big shots expected to control Labor
In frame next to main headline: Crowds of people line up at Booth 12 hospitals, Matichon Health Care vigorous
In frame under main headline: Seized assets of ‘Sua Roj’ drug gang, trafficking from the North to Big Bike gang

From Thaipost, August 22-23, 2014
Headline: A vendor weeps after being burglarized 8 times..p. 3
Sign reads: Dear all individuals and groups of thieves. This house doesn’t have any assets left to be stolen any more… this year 8 times. Please stop breaking windows, cutting the curved steels [windows bars], prying and breaking doors. We cannot keep up with finding money to have it fixed now.

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