Thai-language Headlines of September 27, 2011

Komchadluek, September 27, 2011
– Attorney-General won’t appeal Aor’s tax acquittal’s case and won’t re-sue Noppadol about temple of Preah Vihear case as well. [This refers to cases against Thaksin family members and allies that have quickly fallen apart since the new government has come to power.]
– 40 billion baht to solve flood problems in Thailand on 80,000 rai of rice land that is underwater, 6 dams in the Northeast area are in crisis.
-Four Thai men and one Vietnamese man were arrested with 1,260 dogs in four six-wheel trucks on Aug 11 by officials led by Nakhon Phanom governor Roengsak Mahavinijchaimontree as they were about to put the animals on board a boat in Ban Phaeng district. They went to jail immediately. It’s cruel behavior and a bad effect on society.
– Flyers to offer work in massage parlors for young and good looking girls are all over the city. Police accepted that it’s difficult to implicate [those who distributed these].
– Arrest fake vegetarian ingredient dealer in Jomtong. It is mixed with meat. The owner said he’s only a trader [meaning he didn’t make the food].

Thairath, September 27, 2011
– Democrat Party proposed to dismiss Poo [Yingluck] from the prime minister position because she violated ethics for the first house buyers project. The main beneficiary is SC asset, which is in Shinawatra’s network. [refers to the first house buying program that has come under much criticism as a plan that does not benefit home buyers, but funnels money to conglomerates that support Thaksin]
– Thai stocks post one of the worst performances in the world yesterday with a 5.65% drop to lead tumbling Asian markets on panic selling on concerns over the European debt crisis.
– Attorney General won’t appeal petition to the crown on the Pojamarn-Banpod’s tax acquittal.
– The government will use 40 billion baht to solve flood problems permanently.  Meteorological Department warned to handle 2 storms which are [named] Haitang and Naysard.
– Fake vegetarian food factory [chief] was arrested. Total value is 1 million baht. There is many meat mixed [in the vegetarian food]–because cost of vegetable are high during the vegetarian festival.

Daily News, September 27, 2011
– Poo [Yingluck] is not satisfied with flood rescue officers, she ordered them to solve flood problems completely. The Chao Phraya river flows over the limit, she afraid Bangkok will be flooded. There will be 2 big storms coming.
– Catheleya’s mother is saved from blindness. Her air treatment exploded and carbon went into her eyes.
– Many young students [more than 10 girls] reported to police to arrest a school director that raped them and gave them gonorrhea.
– Fake vegetarian food factory was raided. It [the food] was mixed with meat.
– Amnesty is a royal prerogative to keep fairness and benefit everyone.

Matichon, September 27, 2011
– Black money made the world frantic. Thai stocks went down 90 points. The stock exchange stopped trading for a while.
– Warning: Haitang storm will attack Thailand again. Northeast will be flooded.
– No appeal in Shinawatra tax acquittal
– Attack to raid fake vegetarian food factory in Jomtong area.

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