Thai-language Headlines of September 23, 2011

Komchadluek, September 23, 2011
– Surapong, Ministry of Defense’s permanent secretary, fires 2 ambassadors, Weerachai [Netherlands] and Kriangsak [Australia]. And all other in member of Ministry of Defence is stable now.
– Farmers are happy. They will get credit cards. This project will start on 7 October, they will start by giving 5000 cards to 5 provinces.
– Buay is so stressed about news with Mo. He accepted that after the news was released, he would have a problem with his wife. But he said Mo is not his affair, and he still loves his wife. [Buay is an actor rumored to have had an affair with Mo, the daughter of the owner of a gold shop. He denies it, but he accepted that he had a problem with his wife after this news was released.]
– A boat for media that followed Natural Resources and Environment Minister sank while checking floods in Lobburi.
– DSI is working to investigate all fake CCTVs in Bangkok.

Thairath, September 23, 2011
– A boat for a team that followed the Natural Resources and Environment Minister sank in the middle of rice a field in 3 metre deep water at Lobburi. Lucky that no-one is injured.
– 2 chiefs of the famous national park were fired.  [Kao Yai and Kao Lame]
– Terrorists in the south of Thailand staged an uprising again in Naratiwat, Pattani, and Sugnaikolok
– Pheu Thai denied that Thaksin called in to command the cabinet.  They said he only called in to greet and encourage, and that the prime minister is not a puppet.
– Flyover gangster thieves were arrested in Samuth Prakarn. They worked as a team to beat and rob drunks from night clubs.

Daily News, September 23, 2011
– The Ministry of Defense reshuffle list is stable now. Stien is a permanent secretary, while Wittawat is staying the in same position.
– Buay denied that gold shop’s daughter is not his affair. He still loves his wife.
– Tarid is in charged of the fake CCTV investigation. He is gathering all evidences to submit to DSI to investigate. He suspects someone made a deal with the Office of National Counter Corruption Committee and Office of the Auditor General of Thailand.
– 2 chiefs of famous Kao Yai and Kao Lame national park were fired. They will appoint committees to investigate more.
– SET dives below 1,000 – the lowest close since March due to investor panic over the global economic crisis after the Federal Reserve warned that the US faces a grim economic outlook with significant downside risk.

Matichon, September 23, 2011
– The enlightened jurists invited Mark to discuss the proposal to cancel the results of 19 September Coup. The Democrat Party attacked the [cabinet] meeting in which about Thaksin called in by Skype.
– Thai Truth Commission concluded they could find the truth by one year. They see harmony in Thailand in that Yingluck and Aphisit work together in government. It’s a good signal.
– Chief of Kao Yai national park was fired.
– Worawat appointment to be Ministry of Education permanent secretary postponed.
– Fake CCTVs are under investigation. They found that there was 20% commission of the project.

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