Thai-language Headlines of September 21, 2011

Komchadluek, September 21, 2011
– The Cabinet approved, in principle, a plan to raise the monthly income of Civil Servants with bachelor’s degree to 15,000 baht. A total of 65,000 state official is eligible for this scheme.
– Two Santika executives were jailed for three years for negligence that led to the December 31st, 2008 New Year’s Eve fire which killed 66 people and injured may more.
– Pra Kaseam [a Thai monk] placed a clip of himself to fight against the opposition on the internet which was considered by a monk committee as misconduct. However, Pra Kaseam, in return, stated back that his behaviour is not against the rule and regulations of monks and challenged them to arrest him if his act is considered wrong behaviour by the monk committee’s decision.  

Matichon, September 21, 2011
– Poo uses her prime minister power to appoint Pranai [referring to the new permanent secretary of the interior]
– King would like to solve flood problem by using “Ladpoh” project that can help the flow [of water] into the sea and save money and save energy.
– The first house project will be executed on 22 Sep 2011
– Prime minister’s meal will cost not over 500 Baht/meal.
– The Democrat Party disagreed with enlightened jurists [who advised to annul all actions of the post-coup government].
– Santika’s owner was jailed for 3 years and will have to pay compensation of 8.7 million baht. But the lead singer of the “burn” band is acquitted [meaning the band leader who allegedly set off fireworks in the club].

Thairath, September 21,2011
– Despicable priest swears and kicks [and records it] to show on Youtube.
– Santika’s owner was jailed for 3 years, 67 bodies in Santika case.
– All government officials are happy to get 1.5k.
– Director-general of the Royal Forest Department starts to demolish three weekend houses or resorts in Tablarn today [this refers to the illegal luxury houses built on park land].
– A mass of mosquito is the result of floods in Utaithani province. There’s putrid water, so people there are unhappy.

Daily News, September 21, 2011
– Two Santika executives were jailed for three years for negligence that led to the December 31st, 2008 New Year’s Eve fire that killed 66 people and injured many more.
– Cabinet approved the 10 percent tax write-off scheme for first-time home buyers.
– Yingluck approved the transfer of Wichian to the secretary-general of the Integrated Water Solution Management Commission as well as appointing Phranai to be Interior Ministry permanent secretary. [this does not refer to the Police Chief Wichian, but the permanent secretary of the Interior Ministry]
– Confusion about the claim of Bangkok governor that many mock security cameras were installed during his administration for proposes of deterring violence and law breaking. Meanwhile, Sukhumbhand stated that City Hall had already installed 10,000 real cameras and aimed to add another 10,000 more in the capital.

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