Thai-language Headlines of October 29, 2011

Komchadluek, October 31, 2011
– Bangkok is facing stress. Road closed to have protest. They [residents] want to destroy the embankment [knock down the flood wall].
– People accuse Froc of leaving donation and supplies behind. The government confirmed the supplies were not just throw away. The government ordered these donations moved from Don Mueng to Supatcharasai National Stadium. Poo said she doesn’t know anything about this.
– Nakorn Sawan residences fight, there’s flooding in Paknam-Mahachai now. They want to pull down the embankments in many places. Bangna-Sukhumvit are risk to have flooding. Poo is confident that the inner Bangkok area will survive.
– 800 billion baht to recover Thailand. Poo proposed the recovery plan to solve the flood problems. 100 billion baht for industrial estates. Extended free expressway rides until 14 Nov.

Matichon, October 31, 2011
– The government is confident that they can handle flooding in Bangkok. They confirm that 20 districts will survive.
– 900 billion baht for the new Thailand project.
– Froc denied that they hold donation supplies and won’t distribute them.
– 15 bombs go off in Narathiwat in 5 districts. No one hurt in blasts, but 3 others shot dead.  
– Sea level high and flood occurs in Mahachai. Moved 603 prisoners to Songkhla prison. Warn 8 provinces in the south are that they may flood rapidly.

Daily News, October 31, 2011
– Froc will open watergatse to release the water from Pathumtani which surely will have a negative affect on 10 districts. All residents were also strongly advised to move from their risky areas.
– A woman was raped and killed. Her death body was dumped in a drain.
– It will cost almost 1000 billion baht to recover from the crisis.
– A member of Pheu Thai party stated clearly that the party just formed the government recently and therefore the uncontrollable situation of the deluge is not the government’s failure. This member also accused the Royal Irrigation Department for initially failing to manage the water which eventually have become a critical problem.
– Many people from Red Shirt Group burned red t-shirts to as a sign to drive out Mr. Too and Mr. Korgal (the leader of Red Group) for the support which they have been giving to Mr. Eed who is the candidate for the Chief of the PAO.

Thairath, October 31,2011
– Five channels are at a critical stage. Residents in Bangkok are strongly advised to move their belongings and flee the area to safe locations in preparation for imminent floodwaters.
– Yingluck disagreed with the proposal to extend special holiday after 27th–31st of October 2011.
– Imported eggs from Malaysia arrived in Thailand today.
– The Pheu Thai party aims to cut the power of Election Commission of Thailand.
– A factory woman was murdered and left in a wood. The assumption from the police is that she was deceived for rape, but she fought back to defend herself. With the reluctance from her, she was then killed.

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