Thai-language Headlines of October 28, 2011

Komchadluek, October 28, 2011
– Cut through the roads to recover Bangkok. The private sector and the army support plan to drain water to the sea. Can’t handle water flow to Thonburi area. Taweewattana residences must evacuate now. Poo cries that she can’t handle all the situations in Bangkok.
– The Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand is ready to handle protecting two industrial estates, but is still afraid that the Tajeen area will be inundated.
– The private sector started to import water from Malaysia. Retailers association confirmed that importing goods is really needed and temporary.
– Residences can’t accept the bad smell of tap water, so they ask for a prompt solution.

Thairath, October 28, 2011
– Yingluck admits with tears that Bangkok will be in crisis.
– Water flow out at Khlongprame and ready to hit Kaset intersection.
– Bangkok residences evacuate to Pattaya.
– Jatuporn acted as negotiator about the donation issue that Chalong raised up [referring the the allegation that donations are being given mainly to Red Shirt groups to hand out].
– Jack Kuiburi was shot dead. [He is the owner of car fixing shop at Kuiburi.]

Matichon, October 28, 2011
– Poo cried and confirmed that she won’t give up solving the Bangkok crisis. Started to dig out the road to drain water out to sea.
– The government will pay compensation to all laborers who are flood victims. Toyota Japan stops production in the USA and Canada because of the shortage of auto parts from Thailand.
– Bangkok residents evacuate to Hua Hin and Pattaya. They work and stay there.
– Pheu Thai still proposes to amend the Defense Administration Acts.
– Judge to jail 13 Red Shirts for 20 years for burning buildings in Thailand.

Daily News, October 28, 2011
– 13 Red Shirts sentenced to 20 years in jail for arson.
– Suthap refused to give comment on the statement on whether the “Government will hang on to its power or not after the deluge” [meaning the government missteps in handling the flood should lead to a cabinet reshuffle]
– District Administration Organization officer who cut Payoon wood at Tablan National Park is arrested. Senior police officer ask for a favor to release the accused.
– Sukhumvit 48 and 50 almost inundated because the embankment broke down. They can fix it in time.
– Thailand flood crisis makes Thailand economy impacted for 2 years. Almost a million people will become unemployed. Toyota stop production in USA and Canada because the shortage of auto parts from Thailand.

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