Thai-language Headlines of October 27, 2011

Komchadluek, October 27, 2011
– Mr. Prayuth revealed that the king has ordered [authorities] not to protect the palace, but let water flow naturally. Mr. Sukhumpan confirmed that the big volume of water will come and warns residences in all districts must handle it. They are protecting Suvanabhumi airport and reserving U-tapoa airport [as a backup].
– All water manufacturers in Thailand blame the government about importing water. That’s not the right way to solve the problem. They reveal that more than 7000 water manufacturers up country that have the potential to produce water.
– The American Navy didn’t leave [as earlier reported]. Big Ood cleared the situation with them already. The US embassy said that the US embassy spokesman misunderstood and confirmed all of the US Navy is ready to help Thai people any time.
– Hurry to recover [the flooded] Rojana Industrial estate. Plan to be opened on 1 Dec 2011. On-going evacuation in Ubon Rachathani.

Matichon, October 27, 2011
– The King wants the flood to flow naturally, do not do anything special, please take care of all areas in Thailand [instead of just the palaces]. PM estimated Bangkok will flood for 2 weeks to 1 month. Mr. Sukhumpan warns the floodwater from Khlong 2 will flow rapidly to Ladprao-Wangthonglang.
– Nakorn Sawan residences are happy the floodwater decreased. D-day to clean up the city is 28 Oct 2011
– Froc discussed about the rescue plan to handle Bangkok deluge and is concentrating on 8 main points. [These are numbers of affected people, evacuation, safe houses, food, warehouse and hoarding foods, medical treatment and prophylaxis, preparedness of reserved public utilities, public relations and announcements]
– Foreign media published photos of the flooded runway with a airplane, so foreign countries misunderstood that was Suvanabhumi Airport. Many tour agencies cancelled all trips to Thailand.
– Mr. Peerasak was stressed that he’s dismissed [as a provincial governor], so he went to hospital.

Daily News, October 27, 2011
– The King said do not take special care of his palace, please let the water flow naturally. He is worried for all Thailand people. 
– Tollway will open free of charge on 27 Oct-5 Nov.
– Bangkok governor announced the evacuation of 2 districts [Donmueng-Bangplad] due to the flood crisis from Chaophaya river areas.
– Democrat party brainstormed and proposed 4 ways to solve this crisis. 
– Hurry to hunt the southern terrorists that bombed 33 places in Yala. Many dead and injured.

Thairath, October 27, 2011
– The King doesn’t want to protect his palace and wants flood waters to flow naturally. The big volume of floodwater will destroy 50 districts in Bangkok. The highest height will be 2 meters. Froc hurries to evacuate Bangkok residences.
– Jatujak post office closed down and Mochit transport station will be moved to the southern transport station.
– In 2 days Bangkok will be swollen [with flood waters]. Ladprao stands in line [to be the next hit] after Vipavadee-Laksri.
– Mr. Nattawut, who is the leader of Red Shirts, attacked Mr. Chalong and said the Reds do not try to get votes or prestige by using flood donations. If Mr. Chalong still thinks like this, he should not be a politician.
– More than 10 bombs rocked the heart of Yala town yesterday evening, killing at least two people and wounding more than 40 others.

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