Thai-language Headlines of October 26, 2011


Komchadluek, October 26, 2011
– Don Mueang Airport was announced that it is temporally closing down. The cabinet declared a long official holiday. Yingluck admitted that the whole of Bangkok will be hard hit by a severe flood.
– US Navy has withdrawn several ships from helping Thailand because the US Navy knew that it [flood prevention] was a political game from the government. However, the Thai government replied that it has other missions to accomplish.
– Srisakeat and U-Bonrachatanee are under the floodwaters.
– The cabinet set up 325 billion baht for an economic recovery budget. Green light for importing consumer products [dried foods and water]. The shortage of instant noodle and water is at a crisis point now.

Matichon, October 26, 2011
– 15 bombs exploded at Yala, killing 2 people immediately and wounding 50 other people.
– As the result of the panic from the severe flood, people keep on purchasing rice and eggs in quantity. They went from Bangkok to Nakorn Patom to purchase rice and eggs.
– Two airlines stopped flying as a result of temporally closing down of Don Mueang Airport. However, transportation (Coach) still confirmed to have a normal operation at the route to North and Northeast.
– Parliament was postponed to the 2nd and 3rd of November 2011. The opposition party has four questions to raise for a the government.

Daily News, October 26, 2011
– Airport Thailand closed Don Mueng airport. Flood on runway. FROC is in a hurry to evacuate.  Poo told everyone to restrain their mind about the flood in Bangkok. A cabinet resolution was made for a five days holiday. 
– Mr. Chalong [the Nontaburi governor] was dissatisfied that someone took their donations and revealed that Red Shirt governors are getting more. [This refers to the allegations that Red Shirts are allowed to utilize more of the aid donated for the flooding that non-Red Shirt areas.]
– The cabinet will give a loan for 300 billion baht to recover the Thai economy. There is a hurry to import and hoard food.
– Mr. Priewpan is reshuffling the second of name list of generals as the PM requested. Many people who are under Pheu Thai [influence] are in the list. Mr. Chakatip is shuffled to be in charge of area 9.
– An NGV van exploded from crashing with a pick up in Prajeenburi province. 2 burnt to death and 9 injured.

Thairath, October 26, 2011
– Bangkok will flood in all areas. The PM accepted flooding will be high at 1.5 meters. They can’t handle the power of the water. The cabinet announced 27-31 Oct are holidays.
– Announcing 16 items for controlled pricing. If any merchants sell them at very high prices, they will be jailed for 7 years.
– Pheu Thai governors are attacked with FROC about donations for flood victims. FROC gave to Red shirt governors more [flood aid]. It’s not fair.
– The position to coordinate with PM goes to Police Major General Damri Chotiseth, who was under Thaksin before [in power during the Thaksin era].

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