Thai-language Headlines of October 25, 2011

Komchadluek, October 25, 2011
– The flood returns back to the Thonburi area
– Nava Nakorn laborers are stressed. They don’t know their fate.
– Soldiers will support six more risk districts and Metropolitan Waterworks Authority recommends people to conserve water.
– Thammasart University Center shut down. People evacuated and head to Rajamangala National Stadium Saraburi.
– Ministry of Commerce proposes to import milk, canned fish, instant noodle, etc. Industrial estate entrepreneurs propose the government to set up a 25 billion baht fund for recovering the loss of industrial estates.

Matichon, October 25, 2011
– Pranai will dismiss the Patumthani Governor because he made Bangkok have the flood crisis.
– Matichon asked, Weera answered that will let water flow through Bangkok to solve this prolonged flood crisis.
– 4000 million cubic metres will flow to Bangkok this 26 Oct.
– Foreign media recommend a flood solution plan and claim that it will the future of the nation’s production base.
– Thailand will import eggs, pork, and instant noodles to solve the shortage.

Thairath, October 25, 2011
– Water from Nontaburi will attack the Thonburi area, and water from Patumthani will attack Don Mueng. Many people park their cars on the tollway and expressway in Bangkok.
– The second evacuation from Thammasart University to Huamark National Stadium. PM gave green light for importing goods to solve the shortage.
– Yingluck and Sukhumpan are checking draining water from all canals to the Chaophaya River and confirms it can handle the flood situation in Bangkok.
– A burglar attacked Masha’s [a Thai singer-actress] house and stole 2 mobile phones. Her personal manager couldn’t catch him.
– Cruel southern terrorists bomb and burn a supermarket in Narathivat. 5 burnt to death.

Daily News, October 25,2011
– As the water level in Chao Phraya River has reached a critical point, the surrounding residents need to evacuate quickly.
– Prime Minister Yingluck refused the proposal to drain water to the giant tunnel in Bangkok by using Weepavadee Road as a pass way.
– People are suffering from the price of eggs because the price of a tray is increasing dramatically to 180 baht.
– The house of actress Masha was robbed.

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